Accommodations in Fukuoka

We offer a selection of accommodation types so that everyone can find their ideal home in Fukuoka. You may choose between Host Family, Flat Share, Dormitory or Serviced Apartment.

Host Family

Fukuoka is an ideal city for a home stay: the city is safe, compact and convenient. Japanese families from Fukuoka are very friendly and hospitable. Most of them are experienced in caring for foreign language students.

Flat Share

Sharing your accommodation with Japanese and other students from our school gives you a great opportunity to practice what you have learnt at school and allows you to make new friends.


Do you want to enjoy Japan with other students from around the world in a Japanese traditional style dormitory? Well, then come to Geshuku Tomo! It is owned by a nice landlady caring for the needs of her foreign guests. With so many students from all over the world, you will surely enjoy your time here and make a lot of new friends.

Serviced Apartments in Fukuoka

We offer individual single room apartments with the same quality as hotel rooms providing both privacy and comfort. The apartments have a bed, a living room, a kitchenette and a bathroom enabling a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Most of our flats are located in the business and amusement center, so you will find lots of restaurants, cafes and small shops in the surroundings.

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