Do you want to enjoy Japan with other students from around the world in a Japanese traditional style dormitory? Well, then come to Geshuku Tomo! It is owned by a nice landlady caring for the needs of her foreign guests. With so many students from all over the world, you will surely enjoy your time here and make a lot of new friends.

Dorm and Room Information:
Location: Wajiro-higashi, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka, Japan
Room types: Japanese style, tatami, a Japanese wall closet
Distance to school: Around 40 – 50 min by bus (using the highway) from Tenjin to Fukkodaimae; 20 min with the 100 Yen bus; or 10 min by subway (200 Yen) from Tenjin to Hakata and then, from there, take the JR Kagoshima Line (toward Mojiko or Kokura local and rapid trains, 15-20 min) from Hakata station to Fukkodaimae.
Size of room: 6 joh (1joh = around 0.91m × 1.82m)
Number of rooms: 40 rooms
Kitchen with living room: Common kitchen and kitchen utensils
Washing machine: 3 Washing machines (200 Yen / 1 time), 1 dryer (100 Yen / 40 min.)
Bathrooms: 3 Shared bathrooms
Toilets: 5 Western style toilets
Internet: Wireless Lan
Meal: Weekday: breakfast (7:30-9:00) and dinner (19:30-21:00); Sunday & Holiday / Dinner (500-700 Yen per meal)
Community: Students, pupils, individuals, etc. of many nationalities (about 1/3 are foreigners)
Curfew: The dormitory is open all night long, so you can stay out as long as you wish.

We also offer rooms at a dormitory in Nishijin, Sawara-ku for students who want to choose the days they have breakfast themselves.

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