Flat Share

Flat Share with Japanese

Sharing your accommodation with Japanese and other students from our school gives you a great opportunity to put into practice what you have learnt at school and allows you to make new friends! You will have a comfortable apartment despite the low price. When you choose Flat Share, you are not allowed to smoke inside the accommodation unless your landlord permits it. Showers may be limited to once a day.

Additional Information
Type of rooms: Single room
Size of the room: 6 – 8 joh (1 joh = 0.91m*1.82m) 9-10 m2
Commute to school: 15 – 30 minutes walk
Half double room booking: Only possible when two students are traveling together
Included meals: No (Please discuss with your flat mate)
Minimum Stay: 1 month
Laundry: Available free of charge
Bed linen provided: Yes (new linen for every new student)
Towels provided: No
Kitchen use: Depends on the flat
En-suite rooms available: No
Internet access available: Yes
Telephone available: No
Available all-year-round: Yes
Availability of keys: Yes

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