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Fukuoka is an ideal city for a home stay: the city is safe, compact and convenient. Japanese families from Fukuoka are very friendly and hospitable. Most of them are experienced in caring for foreign language students.
Our host families’ homes are all located near the city center or in nearby suburbs, no more than 45 minutes away from the school by public transport. Sometimes, it is even possible to walk or ride a bicycle. Living with a Japanese host family provides a great opportunity to use your Japanese language skills in daily conversations and to practice what you have learnt in your lessons. Enjoy the comfort of a private household and experience Japanese daily life and culture. Furthermore, it is a special opportunity to get to know Japanese people, culture and the typical cuisine in a familial environment. You do not have to worry about your Japanese skill level. Even students without any previous Japanese knowledge easily get along very well with our friendly host families.

Room Information:

Type of rooms: Single room
Description of room facilities: Bed or futon and desk
Size of the room: 6 – 8 joh (1joh = around 0.91m × 1.82m) 9-10 sqm
Commute to school: 20 minutes walk to 45 minutes by bus or train
Half double room booking: Only possible when two students are traveling together
Included meals: Breakfast. Depending on the home stay family, the student can eat dinner with the family for a fixed price per dinner.
Laundry Service: Available free of charge
Bed linen provided: Yes
Towels provided: Depends on the family
Security deposit: None
Kitchen use possible: Yes, but in cooperation with the host family
Kind of kitchen: Shared kitchen
En-suite rooms available: No
Internet access available: Depends on the host family
Telephone available: Yes, but making calls should be avoided and when receiving calls please be considerate. This is also only available in cooperation with the host family
Available all year round: Yes
Availability of keys: Depends on the host family


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