Japanese Language Courses

Asahi Nihongo offers a wide selection of courses in order to provide the ideal balance between study and practice and to meet our students’ needs. You can choose the length of your study and the number of classes you are interested in. All classes are held solely in Japanese, and English is used only if absolutely necessary. It is all up to you. Just have a look!

Long-term Course


Number of lessons: 20 Group Lessons (45 minutes)
Optional lessons: 2 Conversation Hours (90 minutes each) and 1 Kanji Lesson (60 minutes) per week for six months

If you would like to work and live in Japan, profound Japanese skills are crucial. For that purpose, it is necessary to make progress in an efficient and profitable manner. Our goal is to prepare you as best as possible for your life in Japan.

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Standard Course


Number of lessons: 20 Group Lessons (45 minutes), 2 Conversation Hours (90 minutes each) and 1 Kanji Lesson (60 minutes) per week

This is our most popular course. The class size is limited to seven students at most to ensure individualized student-teacher relations. Our aim is to teach you how to lead a secure and fluent conversation in Japanese and to make sure that you can practice and use the language every day. On your first day, you will receive a lunch box for free and you can also apply for interesting and useful conversational training.

Intensive Course


Number of lessons: 30 Group Lessons (45 minutes) per week
(20 lessons: focus on grammar and speaking, 10 lessons: focus on speaking)

Thanks to the intensive lessons and optimal care, you will learn as much as possible during your stay reaching personal aims in an unexpectedly short time. In addition to normal lessons, you will also have speaking lessons to further train your oral Japanese skills. The class size is limited to seven students at most to ensure individualized student-teacher relations.

Private Course


Number of lessons: 5, 10, 15 or 20 Private Lessons (45 minutes) per week

You can learn Japanese person to person. It is possible to offer you private lessons based on your request, and your teacher can plan your lessons according to your personal needs. This way, you will be able to improve your Japanese the way you want to.

Combi Course


Number of Lessons: 20 Group Lessons plus 5 or 10 Private Lessons (45 minutes) per week

Each day, you will have 1 or 2 private lessons and 4 group lessons. During the private lessons, your tutor will be able to address your special requests or individual questions. If you want to take both group and private lessons, this course is the most suitable.

JLPT Preparation Course


Number of Lessons: 10 Private Lessons (45 minutes) per week

The JLPT is a Japanese Language Proficiency Test. It is possible to take this test in 53 countries, and over 700,000 people take it every year. Our professional teacher will teach you how to raise your score. Join our JLPT Preparation Course to improve your score and experience all that we have to offer!

Japanese Online Course

Japanese Online CourseNumber of Lessons: 10 Private Lessons (45 minutes), 2 lessons per meeting

Our teachers virtually come to your home, office or wherever you use your computer, in Japan as well as abroad. This service is intended for students of Japanese, who have taken classes at Asahi Nihongo and want to continue after returning home as well as for people who cannot or do not want to leave their home or office. In addition, people who study Japanese abroad and need help with homework or exam preparation can benefit from this course. You will need Skype on your system to take Online Lessons.

Learn Japanese and enjoy Seasonal Culture Events

seasonal_coursesIn our seasonal courses, you can combine learning Japanese with participating in a lot of great activities in a very short period of time. Most of those activities are organized around annual festivals and celebrations.

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