Special Events and Courses

Beside our standard program, we also offer special courses and events to make your stay unique. During the respective periods, you will have the opportunity to participate in many events and activities that are hold only at a certain time throughout the year. Celebrate Japanese traditions as the Japanese do.

February Course 2017

February CourseWe invite you to experience our Winter Culture Course in February! Enjoy the Setsubun Festival with a variety of traditional Japanese food. Spring Setsubun is the Japanese equivalent to the New Year’s Eve holiday. It is a special ritual to cleanse all evil of the former year and drive away evil spirits that bring diseases and bad luck!
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Learn Japanese during Hanami Season 2017

Hanami CourseLearn Japanese during cherry blossom season and discover a new aspect of Japanese culture in Fukuoka! The Hanami season is the most beautiful time in Japan. From late March to the beginning of April, all Japanese people spend a lot of time in parks looking at the cherry blossoms, or Sakura. It is also the season of singing and drinking, so we will visit a beer and sake factory, where you are even allowed to try the products.
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Working Holiday Preparation Course in April 2017

Work and Travel_in_JapanPeople from abroad, coming to Japan with a Working Holiday Visa, often face language barriers and do not know exactly how to find a job in order to finance their stay. Of course the better you can speak Japanese, the easier it becomes to find work! However there are still a few obstacles that can affect your experience. We are here to help you avoid those obstacles.
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JLPT Preparation Course for N3-N1 from May 2017


Asahi Nihongo provides a JLPT Preparation Course for N1, N2 and N3 from May 2017. The course is for students who already have previous knowledge of the Japanese language. With only 2 to 6 students per class, you will study in a relaxed atmosphere. Your friendly teacher will prepare you in a highly efficient and easy way.

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Internship Preparation Course in June 2017

Internship Preparation Course

The Internship Preparation Course is designed for foreign students who are looking for an internship or a job in Japan. During the course, you will prepare all necessary documents for your internship. You will also learn the most important things to pay attention to while working in a Japanese company.

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Japanese Summer Course in July 2017


This course is suited for people who have never studied Japanese before or attended only a few lessons. Our lessons will improve your Japanese so that it becomes easy to deal with predictable day-to-day activities as well as simple interactions both commercial and social.

Read more: japanese-language-courses/summer-course-july/

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